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Social monitoring of all profiles is a critical activity because supporters require fast response to questions, comments, and any complaints. Using our social media monitoring tools, we will monitor all social profiles for engagement and respond appropriately. If approvals are required for responses, it may be appropriate for us to acknowledge a campaign supporter and then respond later. Engagement activities could include. Reply, Comment, Retweet, Follow, Like and other social actions.
These are accomplished quickly and efficiently by our team.

There may be cases where the team member monitoring engagement is not able to respond because they don’t know the answer. In these cases a Subject Matter Expert (SME) may be required. It is possible to Assign a social post for followup, similar to how a customer support case is assigned. This will create a social case and the person assigned will be notified by email that a post is waiting for their follow up or response.


Monitoring List:

Social profiles/accounts, key search terms such as womens rights, education, etc.,
VIPs(which you identify), influencers, special social media users (competitors,
bloggers), Twitter newsfeed, blog/RSS feeds.

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