Branding & Logo Design

Logos and branding:

A unique graphic identifier will not only tell people what and who you are but it will set you apart from the competition. Your logo design should be a reflection of you and your unique business as a strong corporate identity.

Types of logos:

While there is an almost infinite number of variables that are possible with any given logo design project, we have found that most logo design types, or styles, will fall into one of four basic categories:

• Iconic / Symbol Logos
• Illustrative Logos
• Logotypes
• Letter-marks

Determining what type of logo treatment will work best for each client, or if the client already has a preference prior to start of the design process, will keep logo design time and costs to a minimum. View styles…

Years of real-world design experience:

Frackle Media has provided professional logo design services for a wide range of clients including Gaming, Publishing, Travel and Tourism, Hospitality, Retail and various other industries.

Fast and easy project proofing:

Your logo design order can be placed via the web and proofing of your job(s) is done digitally via email or through our online client area, as either Adobe® Acrobat files or JPEGs. Final approved artwork will then be sent almost instantly anywhere in the world via FTP, email, or on CD via overnight delivery.

Job turnaround times:

If we are able to assist in your project, and depending on our current workload, typical turnaround time from a client’s approval of the estimate and receipt of a 50% deposit for an initial concept or design for ads, brochures, logos and other print design work is 7 to 14 business days, websites, depending on complexity, may take a little longer.

Delivery of final artwork is dependent on client changes and approvals. Rush service may be available upon request at additional charge.

Web Design

Custom web design is our strength. A great website is your company’s most visible link to the outside world. The image projects strongly influence how people fell about your business. But a good website design isn’t just eye candy. The site needs to function well and deliver real results for your business. It can be hard to find a web design agency that understands how to work with small to mid-sized business. That’s where we come into the picture.

Frackle Media is a design agency that offers a comprehensive approach to website development and web maintenance. Our goal is simple – leveraging your website to gain business. Frackle Media designs websites to reach tangible goals, such as lead generation, business development, metric-driven marketing, and improved customers relations. By optimizing the design, structure, and content of your site, you’ll see a better site traffic and higher conversion rates.

Custom Website Design:

Following the same creative principles, regardless of where you do business. We balance form and function to create a custom website that is effective in its purpose, easy to navigate, dynamic, and most of all user-friendly. Our web design services can be tailored to any organization. A great website design provides legitimization to any organization, and strong web presence can help your rise about your competition.

For all web design and development projects, we adhere to these principals:

• Website Architecture and Usability
• Website look and fell
• Search Engine Optimization
• Website Development Process