DiMarkco Chandler

Professional Excellence Summary

DiMarkco Chandler has more than dabbled into various roles across functions in marketing, brand management, communication, public relations, content management, consulting, technology & entrepreneurship for over two decades. He has distinguished himself as a successful hotel general manager, restaurant owner, college professor, newspaper editor, publisher, education director, web designer and content marketing strategist. He is currently working as a full-time entrepreneur/educator overseeing St. Agatha’s News School. As the News School’s (TNS) lead instructor, Chandler coaches and trains underserved youth and young adult interns on the methods and practices of the professional and citizen journalist. In addition to teaching young interns how to research and craft polished news reports, he exposes aspiring reporters on how to market the stories they tell. He is also the Publisher of the Chicago Leader newspaper, and the founder of YouTV1 media company. Chandler caps off and couples his instructional occupation by devising effective content marketing strategies and solutions for real-estate agents, restaurant owners, lawyers, bail bonds men, manufacturers, private medical professionals and a host of assorted entrepreneurs of various vocations. He particularly enjoys helping small businesses grow their market share with marketing strategy and thought leadership via storytelling content.

Journalism Instructor /consultant and content marketing strategist.

2015: St Agatha’s News School Instructor  – Winslow Redmond Technology Center

Hired as a full-time administrator & instructor do develop and deploy a full-scale media program that focuses on raising the reading and writing quality of Chicagoland underprivileged youth and young adults. Hold biweekly meeting with student interns and staff for planning each quarterly issue of WCH Magazine. Responsible for teaching different journalism writing, speaking and reporting techniques especially theoretical journalism basics. Works with writers and photographers on individual assignments for print edition of news magazine.

Key Contributions:

  • Developed membership strategy that contributes to building TNS readership in its effort to build a sustainable newsroom.
  • Developed innovative educational software designed to help writers create reports that are grammatically free of error, optimized for search engine authentication, allows interaction between editors and reporters, and provides a comprehensive checklist that encourages self-editing.

2007: Freckle Media Marketing Director – Creative Collaboration Marketing & Advertising

Key Contributions:

  • Created website that attracted more than 5 million unique visitor per month for 2 years
  • Provide storytelling content marketing for political candidates
  • Fashion content marketing campaign and provided website development for real-estate & accounting company.
  • Provide storytelling content marketing, web design for Real Water.
  • Launched Weekly Bi-lingual Newspaper titled “The Guardian Express.”